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Todd's Story

"I grew up on the poor side of the tracks. I'm self-made from the boots up just by doing hard work and having good values. I believe customers are hard to find and when you find one, you've got to love them. I was craving the same kind of win/win relationship with some A-game advisors.

When I met Randy, I immediately knew he was unusually good at listening. I knew I could trust him. He wanted to know everything about my story."


"Randy sits on the same side of the table as his clients"

Joe Kean | Joseph E. Kean Company | Client since 1972

"All too often, professionals fail to take the time to understand their clients' overall financial needs as they are only interested in making a sale. Randy doesn't believe in this approach. He cares enough about his clients to go the extra mile and ask the tough questions, making sure their financial house is totally in order. I truly feel that those who work with him are fortunate to be surrounded by his heart and his professional wisdom."

Max Callen | Smith Hayes Financial Services Corporation

"What's unique about Randy is his uncompromising desire to listen to the client and provide the appropriate solution based on their needs. It has been an honor to work with Randy for the last twenty years on numerous common estate and business planning clients. It is also an honor to call him my friend."

Bud Olsson | Commercial Banker

"Randy has taught me a great deal about being a professional advisor. Most importantly, he's taught the value of being a good listener."

Rick A. Damkroger | Attorney at Law | Harding & Shultz P.C.

"As a practicing CPA for 26 years, I have had the pleasure of working with a number of key advisors. Randy Johnson stands alone as one of the most uniquely qualified advisors due to his extraordinary character and great talent. Randy has an unusual ability to bring together a team of professionals that collectively desire to make a positive impact on clients' lives. He has a distinctive approach to helping clients understand and work through effective planning strategies so often overlooked by other insurance consultants."

Leonard M. Sommer, CPA | Hancock & Dana P.C.

"Randy is truly unique among professional advisors generally and insurance/financial advisors specifically. He understands that the key to helping clients identify and achieve their goals is to actually listen to what the client is saying. Randy's value also lies in his ability and desire to work as a team player on every case. He has a unique talent for organizing, motivating and facilitating the communication between a team of professionals so as to channel their collective skills and energies to accomplish a client's objectives."

Paul C. Jessen | Attorney at Law | Koley Jessen P.C.

"A person has led a good life if they have been fortunate enough to meet a handful of quality people who make a significant contribution to their personal and professional lives. Randy is on my short list. Any high net worth business owner who bleeds Husker red knows the value of a good quarterback. Randy brings together the best advisors, taking a process approach not a product approach. His interest in his clients extends beyond today's project to a mutually beneficial long-term relationship for the family."

Phil Dawson | Client since 2002

"The Johnson Company brings new meaning to ‘needs-based planning,' Randy is a master at getting to the human side of things."

Jim King | Client since 1989


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