When we walk into a business owner's world, each owner has encountered a vast canvas of experiences that include life challenges, relationship challenges, business successes or even failures.


For more than three decades, we have observed a single universal truth. If you line up one hundred successful entrepreneurs, as astonishing as it seems, few will have a ribbon tied around their affairs.

This is not a judgment; it's an observation…one that has motivated our firm through every challenge, success and celebration of helping to provide advanced insurance and financial solutions to business owners, farmers, ranchers, executives and families who have accumulated significant wealth.

"Randy is a master at getting to the human side of things. He is not afraid
to ask the tough questions and wait for the right answers."
Jim King | Client since 1989

A Personal Touch

Randy takes his time to get to know clients, their specific needs, and what matters most to them – becoming a valued confidante. The Johnson Company believes each client deserves peace of mind planning that fits their objectives and dovetails with their personal estate plan.

A Strong Partnership

As the nation's largest privately held insurance brokerage firm, our partner, Ash Brokerage, brings tremendous clout and top-shelf competency to a select clientele. Simply put, they are the "wizard behind the curtain" that allows us to serve you at a level unmatched in the planning industry.

Success in Planning

Complex planning starts with being understood. Once we've really heard you and understand your goals, additional members of The Johnson Company team become actively involved on your behalf. Their passion for the process mirrors your passion for your business and your family.